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  • Tax Litigation

    Taxes are an inevitable consequence of operating a business. Decisions that businesses, individuals and government authorities make concerning the application of tax laws and the payment of taxes often lead to disputes over tax issues, requiring sound advice and able representation. Lee International has the seasoned professionals needed to help navigate through the maze of frequently changing tax laws, and to protect the rights of its clients when those rights are threatened. With a team of former judges, prosecutors and other attorneys with extensive experience in tax disputes and litigation in courts and before the Board of Audit and Inspection of Korea, complemented by public accountants and tax accountants who possess specialized knowledge in tax principles, we provide our clients with a full array of tax and legal services. These include advice and representation on suits and investigations involving tax matters, ranging from administrative trials against the National Tax Service, the Board of Audit and Inspection of Korea and the Tax Tribunal, administrative lawsuits as to the imposition of taxes, civil suits seeking the return of overpayments, advice on breach of the Tax Evaders Punishment Act and criminal suits under that Act, to trials relating to tax laws and regulations before the Constitutional Court of Korea. We also offer advice on tax planning and strategies for avoiding tax-related disputes in connection with business and estate planning activities.



    • Advise on tax laws, remedies available in connection with tax-related disputes and strategies to address resolution of tax-related disputes.
    • Negotiate with taxing authorities to resolve tax-related disputes.
    • Represent clients in connection with tax investigations.
    • Represent clients in connection with administrative lawsuits, criminal suits and civil actions related to tax matters.
    • Advise on business and estate planning tax issues and strategies to avoid tax-related disputes.


    Representative Work

    • Represented client in a suit challenging inheritance taxes imposed on the deceased person’s spouse.
    • Represented client in a suit challenging income taxes imposed on the owner of a building sold at auction.
    • Represented clients in suits to cancel value-added taxes, earned-income taxes and special consumption taxes.
    • Represented clients in requests for examination and administrative lawsuits relating to imposition of taxes and duties.
    • Represented clients in suits for cancellation of corporate taxes resulting from repetitive tax investigations.
    • Represented clients in suits for cancellation of income taxes imposed on a gain from the foreign exchange fluctuation of a foreign currency fund.
    • Represented clients in suits to cancel taxes related to patent license fees, and tax appeals on the imposition of withholding taxes.
    • Represented client in administrative suits related to imposition of a corporate tax on the low-priced transfer of shares in a foreign subsidiary.
    • Represented clients in administrative suits and disputes relating to imposition of value-added taxes on certain exports and imports.
    • Represented clients in civil lawsuits relating to tax matters, including claims for return of unjust profits and for return of overpayments.
    • Defended clients in criminal actions alleging tax evasion.
    • Advised on tax reduction measures relating to inheritances and donations by individuals.
    • Advised on tax matters related to the acquisition of companies, M&A transactions and other business activities and transfers.

    Key Contacts

    Sung-Duck Park Myung-Ho Song