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  • Real Estate / Construction

    Our Real Estate and Construction Practice has been at the forefront of Korea’s commercial real estate and infrastructure development. We see real estate like our clients do and practice maximizing and protecting the value it brings to our client’s enterprise, whatever that may be. We pride ourselves on providing clients with comprehensive legal services ranging from the establishment of real estate investment funds to advising on tax efficient investment structures in different kinds of real estate transactions.

    We bring experience in various disciplines to bear in developing innovative strategies in leasing transactions, sales and acquisitions, mortgage and mezzanine loans, construction and development, and overseas investment. Often this involves attorneys from our tax, corporate, environmental and litigation departments.

    We work with clients to establish and implement strategies that resolve tax and legal issues that arise in connection with real estate investments. Our team conducts thorough due diligence on potential real estate investments and acquisitions and we have long experience in preparing and negotiating the full range of agreements applicable to a wide variety of real estate transactions. Working with both domestic and foreign clients, we prepare regulatory filings in connection with real estate and we also provide clear advice on issues and key filings involving foreign investors and real estate companies.

    We have effectively handled environmental issues in close coordination with local real estate advisory services and have advised government and regulatory bodies related to land acquisitions and disposal. Our Real Estate and Construction team regularly acts as a liaison between clients and regulatory bodies, ensuring more effective communication.

    The deep and broad experience of our Real Estate and Construction team allows the firm to offer clients timely, practical and cost-efficient solutions for real estate transactions.



    • Develop strategies which address tax, legal and regulatory issues concerning real estate investment.
    • Advise on land use, entitlement, utilization, and development issues.
    • Conduct due diligence.
    • Negotiate and draft definitive deal documents.
    • Represent clients in the regulatory approval process, prepare and file any necessary applications and respond to regulatory comments and concerns.
    • Coordinate with real estate advisory firms in connection with valuation, due diligence, and environmental issues;
    • Operate as a liaison to enhance communications with local authorities;
    • Advise on governmental and regulatory issues related to land acquisitions and disposal.
    • Advise on a wide variety of related litigation matters, including leasing, construction, condemnation, and environmental.


    Representative Work

    • Advised on legal, tax and regulatory matters for numerous sale and acquisitions of commercial buildings, including warehouse and retail facilities, for U.S., European, Japanese and Singapore investors.
    • Represented Korean REIT in its acquisition of $250MM commercial property in Manila, the Philippines.
    • Advised Israeli manufacturer in the acquisition of properties for defense related facilities in Ansan.
    • Advised Middle Eastern company in the acquisition of major shipping ports in Korea.
    • Advised investors and major international hotel chains in the acquisition, development or operation of hotels and service residences across Korea.
    • Advised Korean biotech company in the establishment of a research facility.
    • Advised a large Korean company in Korea on the acquisition of a diamond mine located in Guinea.
    • Advised on the establishment and funding of numerous REITs for both Korean and foreign investors.
    • Advised a major U.S. company on financing for investment in a factory and other real estate (Total deal amount: approximately USD 200 million);
    • Advised on financing for Social Overhead Capital infrastructure projects (Build-Operate-Transfer, Build-Transfer-Operate).
    • Advised a foreign airline company on purchasing land worth $12 million to build a flight training center in Korea.
    • Advised a U.S. aerospace company on building a pilot training center in the Incheon Free Economic Zone.
    • Advised on the establishment of a power plant facility for a large Korean conglomerate.
    • Advised on the construction of a multibillion dollar factory for a large Korean conglomerate.
    • Advised on the construction of an 88 story building in Busan, Korea.
    • Advised a leading Korean construction company on the planning and construction of the tallest building in Asia (123 stories).
    • Represented Kintex in arbitration proceedings involving leasing.
    • Represented the Federation of Korean Industries and Korea Financial Investment Association in lawsuits involving leasing.

    Key Contacts

    Timothy E. Trinka Ghil-Won Jo Myung-Ho Song