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  • Labor / Employment

    Understanding and complying with labor and employment laws and practices in Korea can be challenging for many companies, especially foreign companies seeking to open offices and other facilities in Korea. But having the ability to manage labor and employment issues in a practical manner at all stages of the employment cycle - preliminary employment, during the employee performance period, and at termination of employment - is crucial for the longevity of any business. Our clients recognize us for our professionalism and our results-oriented approach to domestic and cross-border labor and employment issues, transactions and dispute resolution proceedings. We carefully advise our clients as to the applicable labor and employment laws in Korea. We provide guidance as to our clients’ labor and employment policies and practices and provide them with sound and strategic advice to help minimize employment-related problems within their businesses. Our preventative approach, which includes keeping our clients informed of recent changes to employment laws and regulations, helps to reduce employment issues within our clients’ businesses and saves them money in the long term. This gives our clients a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

    Clients seek our knowledge and experience in preparing employment agreements, non-competition agreements and warning letters that will be enforceable and compliant with Korean law. We help our clients understand applicable employment laws and we advise them on handling disciplinary actions. We represent clients before the Regional Employment and Labor office and Labor Relations Commission and handle all ancillary matters related to those proceedings. We provide clients with comprehensive legal services relating to virtually any type of legal issue that may arise between an employer and employees, including:

    • Issues related to individual employer-employee relationships, such as wages, benefits, insurance requirements, severance pay and dismissals;
    • Issues related to collective employment relationships, such as collective bargaining agreements and labor unions;
    • Issues related to succession of employment in connection with corporate restructuring;
    • Issues related to industrial accidents and work-related injuries;
    • Policies and training related to sexual harassment, privacy issues and other employment related requirements.



    • Representation and Settlement of Labor Disputes.
        Represent clients in proceedings before labor offices and labor relations commissions. Represent clients in lawsuits pertaining to employment matters, including wrongful dismissal actions, sexual harassment and discrimination actions.
    • Provide Advice on Labor and Employment Laws and Issues
        Draft and revise employment agreements and employment policies and manuals. Draft agreements and warning letters. Draft non-competition agreements and other restrictive agreements. Draft and revise collective bargaining agreements. Advise on collective bargaining agreements and other collective labor matters. Advise on wages, benefits, insurance and other employment requirements. Advise on disciplinary actions. Advise on personnel transfers. Advise on dismissal and layoff procedures. Advise on employment and labor matters related to corporate restructuring and corporate succession. Advise on training programs and design and present training programs such as sexual harassment training. Advise on the blanket wage system.


    Representative Work

    • Defended numerous wrongful dismissal and discrimination lawsuits brought against different Korean government entities
    • Defended numerous wrongful dismissal and discrimination lawsuits brought against different industry organizations and trade associations
    • Defended wrongful dismissal lawsuit against a hospital
    • Defended wrongful dismissal lawsuit against a pharmaceutical company
    • Defended multiple wrongful dismissal and discrimination lawsuits against other private companies
    • Represented company in dispute relating to transfer of employees in corporate succession
    • Litigated matters as to damages under workers compensation insurance for workplace injuries
    • Litigated matters as to appeals of employee terminations
    • Litigated matters related to the blanket wage system for certain workers
    • Litigated matters as to taxi drivers’ earnings
    • Litigated matters as to classification of workers as employees or independent contractors
    • Advised numerous companies on non-competition issues and other restrictive covenants in employment agreements
    • Advised numerous companies on Korean employment laws and employment policies
    • Assisted numerous companies in drafting employment policies, employment manuals, employment agreements and related documents
    • Designed and presented training programs on sexual harassment and other employment training programs.

    Key Contacts

    John K. Min Dong-Hwan Kim