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  • Intellectual Property

    Lee International was first established in 1961 as a pioneering patent law firm, and has been a leading intellectual property firm ever since. Our IP practice is substantial and has been voted one of the “Top 10 Intellectual Property Law Firms,” as well as one of “The Most Trusted IP Law Firms” in Korea. Our success in this area can be attributed to our experienced and talented professionals, who include former Ministers of the Ministry of Science & Technology, a former president of the Intellectual Property Tribunal, former Commissioners of the Korean Intellectual Property Office, as well as experienced patent attorneys, trademark attorneys, attorneys at law, engineers and scientists who support our practice. Our IP attorneys have extensive hands-on experience working at the intersection of law and technology. They provide comprehensive services to protect and advance the intellectual property rights of our clients. And with the close support of engineering and scientific experts within many different fields, we are able to assist our clients with technical confidence and certainty.

    We protect and advance our clients’ intellectual property rights proactively to prevent others from using our clients’ property without permission. We prosecute patents, register trademarks and copyrights, and assist our clients in documenting their ownership of all forms of intellectual property. We consult with our clients on the best ways to establish and protect their rights to prevent infringement by competitors and others.

    When our clients’ patents and other intellectual property rights are infringed, we have the know-how and experience to resolve what are often very complex and intricate problems, using a pragmatic and cost-efficient approach geared to the specific situation. We are often able to reach an amicable resolution, utilizing finely honed negotiation skills which have been developed with many years of experience. But if that approach fails we stand ready to aggressively protect our clients’ intellectual property rights in the courts, seeking injunctive relief and damages. We always consult closely with our clients to understand their goals and fashion our strategy and tactics to meet those goals.

    We also defend our clients when they are accused of infringing the intellectual property rights of others. We evaluate carefully the claims and available evidence and then consult with our clients on the strengths and weaknesses of the claims and defenses to develop an appropriate game plan for vigorously defending or settling the claim. In developing a proposed strategy, we consider the anticipated costs of defense, the likely outcome and possible resolution strategies that are the most cost-effective under the circumstances.

    Our Intellectual Property attorneys have assisted clients with a wide array of legal problems and issues. These have included brand management, trademarks, copyrights, patents, unfair competition, designs, trade secret protection, domain name disputes, e-commerce intellectual property matters and many others. Our intellectual property experience covers many different industries and technologies.



    • IP Prosecution.
      Application, registration and management of patents, utility models, trademarks, designs, trade secrets, copyrights, etc.
    • IP Search Services.
      Conduct searches of prior art for patentability, validity and non-infringement. Conduct trademark searches and provide monitoring services.
    • IP-related Administrative Adjudications.
      Represent clients in administrative adjudications regarding invalidation or cancellation of patents and trademarks.
    • IP-related Litigation.
      Represent clients in litigation matters regarding patents, utility models, trademarks, designs, trade secrets, copyrights, domain names, etc.
    • IP Strategy and Policy Advice.
      Advise on patent strategy including the development and maintenance of patent portfolio strategies and policies, licensing, and alternative dispute resolution.
    • Consultation Services.
      Consult, provide opinions and negotiate for licensing of IP rights.
    • Annuity Payment / Renewal Services.
      Transfer registered rights, register licenses, payment of registration fees for licenses.


    Representative Work

    • Litigated to stop infringement on circuit bonding film patent. (Hitachi Gaiseigogyo v. LG Cable & System).
    • Litigated, including obtaining preliminary injunction, to stop patent infringement as to semiconductor chips. (ST Micro Electronics v. ECT).
    • Litigated to stop infringement of patent rights in raw materials for tires. (Flexsys America v. Kumho Petrochemical).
    • Litigated to stop infringement of patent rights in connection with photoconductive printer cartridges. (Canon v. Samsung Electro-Mechanics).
    • Litigated as to patent infringement of a battery. (Rocket Battery v. Energizer).
    • Litigated as to infringement of a patent right in PDP. (Panasonic Korea v. LG Electronics).
    • Litigated, including obtaining a preliminary injunction, to stop disposal of patent rights concerning a liquid propane injection system. (Changwon Carburetor Ind. v. Vialle).
    • Litigated, including obtaining preliminary injunction, to stop manufacture and sale of patented goods concerning biometric technologies. (Techsphere v. BK Systems).
    • Defended patent infringement action and initiated multiple invalidation actions in connection with infringement claim involving a mobile messenger service application.
    • Advised Intellectual Ventures on patent infringement and licensing matters.
    • Advised Qualcomm on patent infringement matters.
    • Advised Webasto on patent infringement disputes as to automobile sunroofs.
    • Advised Samsung C&T on an intellectual property disputes.
    • Advised Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction in patent infringement matters involving wind generators.
    • Litigated patent infringement matters involving printer cartridges. (Inktec v. United States ITC )(U.S.A.)
    • Analyzed technologies and computing sources with respect to patents for a user interface in mobile phones in connection with a patent dispute between Apple and Samsung.
    • Represented Plantynet in a suit seeking remuneration for employee inventions and compensatory damages filed by all employees.
    • Represented WES, Uniqlo, NICECAR and RPharm in petitions and/or lawsuits for domain name transfers and advised on cybersquatting.
    • Litigated transfer matters of patent rights registered in Korea and U.S.A. on behalf of Poosan.
    • Litigated trademark infringement and unfair competition matters as to the trademark, ‘Korail.’ (Korea Railroad v. Korail Tour).
    • Litigated an action involving trademark infringement and unfair competition. (Donga Publishing v. Jihaksa).
    • Represented Daehan Metal in a suit involving trademark infringement and unfair competition.
    • Litigated unfair competition matters as to dermal repail therapy.
    • Advised Golfzone on trademarks and unfair competition matters.
    • Registered intellectual property rights with TIPA.
    • Litigated copyright infringement matters with respect to the musical, ‘Chocolate on Air’.
    • Handled a criminal action as to copyright infringement and unfair competition with respect to e-cloud program.
    • Litigated copyright infringement matter and unfair competition matter on behalf of Saerom Cosmetics.
    • Advised on online game publishing in overseas markets.
    • Registered copyrights with the Korea Copyright Commission.
    • Advised the Korea Institute for Curriculum and Evaluation on copyright matters.
    • Handled criminal suits as to copyright infringement on clothing designs.
    • Represented Inter IKEA in a suit as to trademark infringement, unfair competition and domain name disputes with respect to the trademark, “IKEA”.
    • Represented Inditex in a suit involving infringement of Zara trademark, unfair competition and domain name disputes.
    • Litigated matters as to trademark and service mark infringement – Golf USA v. Golf USA Korea.
    • Uncovered counterfeit products and took actions to stop infringing activities on behalf of Hyatt, Monster Energy, Ferrari, Rovio, S.T. Dupont, Golden Goose, Dolce & Gabbana, Audi and Casio.
    • Advised Doosan Encyber, Disney, Vivendi “Starcraft”, Jordi Labanda, Electronics Arts on copyright infringement matters.
    • Advised Samsung C&T and Samsung Corning on intellectual property disputes.
    • Advised Lotte Engineering & Construction on design infringement disputes for lighting equipment.
    • Advised Audrey Hepburn Foundation, LG Card, Woori Bank, Ferarri, Hugo Boss, Deutsch Telekom, Wookak, Harue and Paul on trademark and service mark infringement and unfair competition matters.
    • Advised SK Broadband on transfer and attribution of intellectual property rights.

    Key Contacts

    Emma (Kyoung-Joo) Park Dong-Hwan Kim