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  • International Litigation / Arbitration

    Our International Litigation and Arbitration Group consists of former judges and seasoned trial lawyers with more than 150 years of collective experience in handling litigation and arbitration matters in Korea and abroad. Together they provide our clients with comprehensive advice and representation involving domestic and international disputes, across a wide variety of fields and industries. The different types of litigation and arbitration matters our Korean and foreign attorneys have handled include disputes involving commercial and contract matters, intellectual property, sports and entertainment, corporate transactions, shareholder disputes, banking, real estate, construction, fidelity and surety, labor and employment, product liability, toxic torts, negligence, professional malpractice, insurance, environmental, land use and zoning, criminal, domestic relations, government actions and transportation. These litigation and arbitration matters have cut across many different industries including design and architectural, manufacturing, service industries, accounting, banking and finance, insurance, automotive, aviation, transportation, sports and entertainment, health, medical, pharmaceuticals, biotech, medical devices, chemicals, computers, other high tech, construction, retail, education, agriculture, hospitality, gaming, mining, natural resources, communications, munitions and fire arms, amusement, food and beverage, corporate and labor.

    We also assist attorneys in other countries with litigation and arbitration matters that involve Korean parties. If those attorneys are representing Korean clients, we help to ensure that their Korean clients fully comply with discovery obligations. We help them to understand those obligations, gather information and documents, prepare for depositions and help act as a liaison between the Korean client and its foreign lawyers to help ensure better communications and avoid sanctions. We also help foreign attorneys in litigation and arbitration actions against Korean parties to obtain information, discovery, expert witness support and other resources necessary to fully represent their clients’ interests.

    Our attorneys have a proven track record of success in international litigation and arbitration. Whether it is our clients’ or co-counsel’s goal to take a case to a final arbitration award or trial judgment, or to prepare a case in a way that will lead to a favorable settlement, our attorneys have the skill, experience and practical know-how to accomplish those goals in a professional and cost-effective manner.



    • Advise on international disputes and strategies to resolve those disputes.
    • Represent clients and alternative dispute resolution processes and negotiate to resolve international disputes.
    • Represent clients in international arbitrations and law suits.
    • Assist clients in identifying and hiring counsel in foreign countries to represent clients in international disputes.
    • Advise and assist with discovery compliance in international arbitrations and litigation.
    • Advise on investigation, evidence gathering, obtaining expert witnesses and other litigation and arbitration support in actions against Korean parties.


    Representative Work

    • Represented European multinational telecommunications company in patent invalidation trials and a patent infringement suit by a Korean conglomerate related to mobile phone applications.
    • Represented multinational consumer electronics company in patent infringement litigation as to a patented plasma display panel.
    • Defended American business jet manufacturer in international arbitration alleging breach of contract in the sale of three multimillion dollar business jets.
    • Assisted American automobile manufacturer on defense of damages claim in catastrophic product liability action brought by Korean plaintiffs.
    • Defended Korean biotechnology company in international arbitration and commercial litigation in the United States.
    • Represented Russian pharmaceutical company and American automotive company in litigation matters over domain name ownership.
    • Represented Korean product manufacturer in commercial litigation in the United States.
    • Defended commercial airlines in litigation over passenger safety.
    • Represented Finnish computer software developer in copyright infringement litigation.
    • Represented Korean product manufacturer in commercial litigation in the United States.
    • Represented German manufacturer of orthodontic appliances in litigation seeking return of investments.
    • Advised Korean multinational product manufacturers in the consumer electronics and automotive industries on defense of product liability class-action litigation in the United States.
    • Assisted United States attorneys with discovery compliance by their Korean clients for litigation matters in the United States.
    • Advised Korean multinational food and beverage company on product mislabeling class-action litigation in the United States.
    • Assisted United States attorneys with motion practice and discovery matters for United States commercial litigation involving Korean parties in the music industry.

    Key Contacts

    Lance B. Lee Kurt B. Gerstner