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  • FTA Strategies

    Korea is a large beneficiary of multilateral trade systems represented by GATT and the WTO. It relies heavily on international trade for its economic development. Korea has entered into eleven Free Trade Agreements with 48 countries around the world as of January, 2014, to maintain the competitiveness of its domestic product exports and to secure stable overseas markets. In contrast, Korea often interprets FTAs differently when it comes to classifications of imports, making it more difficult for competing foreign products to be imported into Korea where they may be in competition with domestic goods. Importers have been facing difficulties utilizing FTAs. Disputes related to FTAs have been on the rise both in Korea and abroad.

    The attorneys, accountants and customs agents on our FTA Strategies Team come equipped with significant experience to understand and address classifications issues and to provide investment strategies in accordance with the different FTAs currently in effect with Korea. Our FTA Strategies Team custom-designs verification systems related to FTA origin determinations for our clients and it offers FTA origin verifications after release of the goods.



    • Establish systems to determine country of origin.
        Develop strategies for particular FTAs and particular goods. Design processes for establishing FTA country of origin designations.
    • Support FTA origin verifications after release of goods.
        Respond to investigations concerning country of origin when those investigations are initiated by the Customs Services at home and abroad. Apply for preferential tariffs after the release of goods.
    • Consultations on investigations into country of origin and representing clients in connection with those disputes.
    • Investment consultations in light of the FTA environment.

    Key Contacts

    Sung-Eun Stephan Kim Emma (Kyoung-Joo) Park