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  • Family / Inheritance Law

    Family relations and inheritance laws in Korea are the subject of frequent changes, mirroring the continuous changes that have been occurring in Korean society and culture. These changes include new legal principles applied to divorce disputes in accordance with the abolition of the crime of adultery, gender equality, new reduced sizes of families, lowered reliance on fault principles in judicial divorces, more equal property divisions between men and women in divorce, expansion of property rights, expansion of types of property subject to division in divorces, and changes in the way that inherited property may be divided.

    These frequent changes and increased complexity in the law present challenges that require a high level of knowledge, experience and skill when addressing legal issues involving family and inheritance matters. Our legal professionals have the knowledge, skill and experience to guide our clients through these difficult issues and help them achieve their goals when dealing with these very stressful domestic relations and inheritance matters. We provide our clients with a full range of professional services covering the entire spectrum of family and inheritance law matters, including prevention and management of disputes involving family and inheritance affairs (including company succession planning), advising and negotiating at the early stages of disputes, and handling litigation matters where disputes cannot otherwise be resolved.



    • Advise on divorce planning including division of property, child custody and support issues, tax ramifications and other ancillary issues.
    • Negotiate divorce agreement terms and draft divorce agreements.
    • Represent clients in divorce litigation.
    • Advise and represent clients in adoption matters.
    • Advise and represent clients in competency matters and guardianships.
    • Advise on business succession planning.
    • Advise on estate planning and inheritance matters.
    • Advise and represent clients in family disputes.
    • Advise and represent clients in inheritance tax matters.


    Representative Work

    • Represented clients in lawsuits over the division of inherited property.
    • Represented clients in lawsuits disputing the right of certain persons to inherit property.
    • Represented clients in lawsuits seeking return of a legal inheritance reserve after the death of an heir.
    • Represented clients in divorce lawsuits involving contested division of property and child custody issues.
    • Advised on issues involving foster parents and represented clients in related lawsuits.
    • Advised on family disputes, including disputes over taxes incurred in connection with the succession of a family business, and represented clients in related lawsuits.
    • Advised on the sealing and opening of a testamentary certificate.
    • Advised on matters involving inheritance tax issues and handled related lawsuits.

    Key Contacts

    Myung-Ho Song Mi-Jeong Oh