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  • Environmental Law

    Protection of the environment is a high priority in a small, densely-populated country like Korea. A broad array of laws have been enacted by the Korean government regulating activities of individuals and organizations in an effort to prevent damage to the environment. Not surprisingly, such laws also can result in conflicts with property rights, and such conflicts often lead to litigation.

    The Lee International Environmental Law team combines legal, business, scientific, and government affairs experience to provide practical advice. Our goal is to provide service well beyond mere compliance with environmental standards. We help clients make business decisions by explaining the risks and rewards. We provide practical legal solutions for the wide variety of legal problems that can crop up when balancing property rights with protection of the environment. When litigation is advantageous or necessary, our team provides clients with aggressive and effective advocacy.

    The Environmental Law team regularly represents domestic companies, public authorities, developers, and financiers.



    • Compliance with environmental laws, regulations and administrative orders.
    • Obtain environmental permits and approvals.
    • Administrative proceedings with national, provincial and local environmental regulatory bodies.
    • Civil lawsuits involving disputes over environmental compliance and property rights.


    Representative Work

    • Advised clients on environmental issues connected with various commercial and real estate transactions.
    • Advised clients on compliance with environmental laws and regulations.
    • Advised clients on establishment of waste disposal facilities and waste water disposal facilities.
    • Advised clients on restrictions under the Clean Air Conservation Act and the Water Quality and Ecosystem Conservation Act.
    • Advised clients on the cap-and-trade system for carbon emissions.
    • Lawsuit for damages caused by a disposal facility for livestock waste water.
    • Lawsuit for damages against the Korean government caused by noise from an airport.
    • Lawsuit for damages related to interference with access to sunlight stemming from architectural design and construction project.
    • Lawsuit for damages related to obstruction of water views on Jeju Island.
    • Lawsuit to prohibit emission of air pollutants by vehicles and for damages.
    • Lawsuit for damages resulting from soil pollution caused by an oil pipeline and oil storage facility.
    • Lawsuit for damages resulting from fish being killed by noise and vibrations associated with construction work involving explosives.

    Key Contacts

    Young-Chul Jang