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  • Customs Advice

    The Korean Customs Service (“KCS”) has intensified its tariff audits of multinational corporations in certain industries suspected of manipulating prices of goods to obtain tariff benefits. The KCS has recruited more personnel to conduct these tariff audits. It has created a new task force solely to conduct tariff audits of multinational corporations, utilizing a regular monitoring system that examines import price trends. It has been screening goods to determine the adequacy of taxable prices, tariff audit classifications, FTA applications (country of origin) and foreign exchange transactions. In short, multinational companies engaged in trade in Korea are now facing unprecedented new exposure to very rigorous tariff audits by the KCS. Understanding the applicable customs laws, preparing for these new screening processes and knowing how best to respond when an audit occurs are all extremely important to minimizing trade tariff burdens.

    Our Customs Advice Group consists of attorneys, accountants and customs agents with extensive experience and know-how in customs practices, rules and procedures, gained through their hands-on customs work, both at home and abroad, in different fields involving a wide variety of industries. We provide our clients with comprehensive services in connection with customs issues including the determination and evaluation of taxable amounts that should be owed for imported goods, tariff audit classifications, as well as advice and support when responding to foreign exchange investigations and customs tariff audits. Our customs professionals and attorneys regularly help evaluate governmental decisions on customs classifications and duties, and we provide advice and representation when it is necessary to challenge those determinations.



    • Consult on customs tariff audits.
    • Consult on foreign exchange investigations, customs evaluations, ACVA, AEO certifications, item classifications and customs refunds.
    • Consult on customs clearance, including quarantine of foods and beverages.
    • Consult on pre-investigation of cosmetics imports.
    • Consult and represent clients in customs-related criminal cases.
    • Prior evaluation of customs duties and other planning in preparation for customs tariff audits.
    • Ping Golf Clubs - Advised on rules of origin related to the manufacturing and distribution of Ping golf clubs pursuant to the KORUS FTA
    • Bosch - Provided comprehensive advice on the manufacturing and distribution of automobile parts in order to qualify for duty free status under the EU-Korea FTA.
    • ATMI - Advised on customs audit for electronics components pursuant to KORUS FTA and EU-Korea FTA.
    • The Boeing Company - advised on various matters related to rules of origin matters for aircraft components and customs audits.
    • Advised numerous fashion houses on FTA related customs audits and rules of origin.
    • Advised a large European company on the rules of origin related to FTA for coated bearings and chemical products.
    • Advised major US battery manufacturer on customs audit in Korea.

    Key Contacts

    Sung-Eun Stephan Kim Ghil-Won Jo