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  • Civil Litigation / Arbitration

    Lee International has been providing quality civil litigation services to its clients since it was founded in 1961. Over the years, Lee International has grown its litigation practice by recruiting preeminent litigation attorneys with unparalleled experience, here and abroad, from courts, prosecutors’ offices and major law firms. We provide our clients with sound advice and representation in civil litigation and arbitration matters, involving many different industries and legal disciplines. Our litigation attorneys have vast in experience in handling civil litigation matters related to intellectual property, contracts and other commercial transactions, mergers and acquisitions, product liability, toxic torts, labor and employment law, environmental issues, personal injury, antitrust, corporate issues, finance, real estate and other property issues, international trade and other international transactions, and collection matters. Our litigation experience extends to many different industries: automotive, aviation, firearms and munitions, consumer products, retail, construction, heavy equipment, other manufacturing, oil and gas, chemicals, financial services and banking, high tech and computers, pharmaceuticals and medical devices, breweries, hospitality, utilities and others.

    The litigation practitioners at Lee International are professionals with solid litigation credentials and successful track records, who have the legal firepower needed to handle the broad range of litigation matters entrusted to our firm by the many Korean chaebols and multinational conglomerates who comprise our global Fortune 100 company clients. Our litigators include former trial court and appellate judges, former chief prosecutors, seasoned private practice attorneys and senior foreign attorneys, all supported by a large number of attorneys who were former judicial law clerks. Additionally, we have approximately sixty patent attorneys in the IP Group of Lee International that can provide our clients with the best IP-related litigation services available. Our experience in handling patent cases and product liability cases in particular gives us a unique edge when dealing with litigation involving highly technical and scientific issues. We have the know-how and skill to present the most complex technical and scientific concepts in a clear and understandable manner that judges, arbitrators and even jurors can understand. We regularly work with engineers, scientists, economists, accountants, medical doctors and industry experts to present our clients’ litigation positions in persuasive and compelling terms. We are familiar and comfortable with interacting with our clients and our experts on highly technical and scientific concepts, including biomechanics, occupant kinematics, engineering designs and processes, failure analysis, economics, epidemiology, toxicology, medicine and others.

    Our team of attorneys is very experienced in dealing with litigation abroad including the discovery process that is integral to litigation in the United States. We know how to manage the discovery process to limit it as much as possible, to avoid inconsistent discovery responses that can be exploited by opposing counsel, and to avoid litigation sanctions imposed by courts for failing to comply with discovery obligations. We help our clients to design and implement strategies for handling discovery obligations, including E-discovery programs in a cost-effective manner that can save our clients significant expense by avoiding sanctions and inconsistencies that can result in extremely costly sanctions and poor litigation outcomes. We also assist our clients in training their personnel to understand the discovery process and to avoid creating documents and other materials that can be harmful in litigation.

    Over the years we have developed networks of elite litigation attorneys and experts abroad to work with us in representing our clients in litigation matters. Our close working relationships and effective communication enable us to represent our clients abroad with co-counsel in a very efficient and cost-effective manner. Time is not wasted learning how to handle our clients’ litigation problems. We involve local counsel that know how to handle those problems without requiring a steep learning curve.

    Our litigators are also highly experienced in representing our clients’ interests in international arbitration forums and through other alternative dispute resolution processes. We regularly represent our clients in these activities, successfully resolving disputes through means other than litigation. We educate and thoroughly prepare our clients to participate meaningfully in these processes and we effectively use our negotiation skills and experience to allow our clients to resolve disputes on favorable terms.

    We provide responsible representation. We staff our litigation cases in a lean manner. We limit the number of attorneys working on a case to the number necessary to effectively perform the work. We assign attorneys with the correct level of litigation experience to do the work at the lowest billing rates possible with appropriate supervision as needed. We also emphasize planning ahead and developing litigation strategies early in conjunction with input from our clients. This ensures that our litigation approach is fully aligned with client expectations. We know that clients do not like unhappy surprises and we strive to maintain very close communications with our clients to prevent those from occurring. All of these practices have enabled our litigation attorneys to achieve successful outcomes for our clients in a very cost-effective manner.

    Prompt responses to clients and responsible steps during the litigation process are inseparable aspects of our litigation and arbitration practice, thanks to our streamlined work and decision-making structure. Therefore, our legal fees are more competitive than larger firms in Korea, while not compromising quality and efficiency.

    The fact that our clients have come back to us consistently to represent them in litigation matters over the past 50 years is a testament to the quality of services they have received from our firm.



    • Represent clients in civil litigation matters in Korea and abroad.
    • Represent clients in civil arbitration matters in Korea and abroad.
    • Represent clients in other alternative dispute resolution processes.
    • Assist clients in finding local attorneys to represent their interests in foreign countries and act as a liaison between clients and foreign counsel through the litigation and arbitration process.
    • Assist clients and their attorneys in complying with United States litigation discovery obligations, including helping to coordinate discovery and assisting with motions to compel, motions for sanctions and other challenges to discovery compliance.
    • Advise clients on civil litigation processes and procedures in Korea and abroad.
    • Act as local counsel for foreign attorneys in connection with litigation and arbitration matters in Korea.
    • Assist attorneys litigating with Korean parties to investigate facts in Korea, identify expert witnesses in Korea, and provide other aid to address claims and defenses related to the opposing party’s activities in Korea.


    Representative Work

    • Advised and represented clients in litigation and arbitration disputes related to construction projects.
    • Advised and represented clients in litigation disputes related to public bidding.
    • Advised and represented clients with respect to arbitration disputes involving real estate development in foreign countries.
    • Represented clients in suits related to other real estate disputes.
    • Advised and represented clients in litigation disputes related to defects, breaches of warranty and industrial accidents in apartment buildings.
    • Represented clients in suits alleging errors and omissions by company officers and employees.
    • Represented clients in collection actions seeking repayment of loans and obtained provisional seizures/attachments of property.
    • Represented clients in suits for copyright infringement, including computer software copyrights.
    • Represented clients in suits involving trademark and service mark infringement.
    • Represented clients in suits involving patent infringement matters.
    • Represented clients in suits and arbitrations related to commercial contract disputes.
    • Represented clients in suits related to labor and employment disputes.
    • Represented clients in lawsuits alleging discrimination.
    • Represented clients in litigation matters with government entities.
    • Represented clients in lawsuits related to land use planning, zoning and other municipal issues.
    • Litigated and arbitrated disputes relating to corporate and business ownership and governance.
    • Represented clients in lawsuits involving shareholder disputes.
    • Represent clients in litigation matters involving mergers and acquisitions.
    • Represented clients in lawsuits involving franchise agreements, dealership agreements, agency agreements and distribution agreements.
    • Represented clients in litigation matters involving education law.
    • Represented clients in litigation matters involving environmental law.
    • Represented client in litigation matter related to a partnership termination.
    • Represented client in an arbitration matter to confirm no liability pertaining to implementation of a coal supply agreement.
    • Represented client in a litigation matter related to a mineral supply agreement.
    • Represented clients in lawsuits alleging defamation.
    • Represented clients in securities litigation matters.
    • Represented clients in litigation disputes related to entertainment contracts and sports contracts.
    • Represented clients in product liability lawsuits covering numerous different products in different industries.
    • Assisted Korean companies in complying with discovery obligations in connection with litigation matters in the United States.
    • Assisted Korean companies to find local counsel to represent them in litigation matters in the United States, Europe and Asia, and acted as a liaison between client and foreign counsel in connection with the litigation.
    • Assisted United States attorneys litigating with Korean parties to investigate background and obtain other information about Korean opposing parties.
    • Assisted United States attorneys litigating with Korean parties to identify and retain experts in Korea to provide information on Korean legal, medical, cultural and economic conditions relevant to defending certain claims and motions filed in the United States litigation.

    Key Contacts

    Seung-Gon Jo Myung-Ho Song