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  • Anti-Counterfeiting

    Lee International was first established in 1961 as a pioneering patent law firm, and has been a leading intellectual property firm ever since. We have been voted as one of the “Top 10 Intellectual Property Law Firms,” and as one of “The Most Trusted IP Law Firms” in Korea” in recognition of our extremely experienced and highly effective IP practice. This recognition extends to our ability to protect our clients’ trademarks. Famous brands are often the targets of counterfeiters in Korea, seeking to exploit the consumer demand for products bearing the names and likenesses of these famous high-quality products. Not only do counterfeiters rob trademark owners of revenues from the sale of genuine branded products, but they also tarnish brands by introducing low-quality products into the marketplace, which products can be mistaken for genuine branded products.

    Lee International’s trademark protection team has a long history of providing very successful and cost-effective anti-counterfeiting and trademark protection services to our clients and the owners of trademarks and brands. Our firm has assembled a top-notch team of attorneys and other professionals who have excellent anti-counterfeiting experience and effective information networks with relevant government agencies, including Customs authorities and the Korea Trade Commission, to combat counterfeiting of famous brands. Using these resources, we have detected and stopped many hundreds of counterfeiters in the past few years alone.

    Our services do not stop at the borders of Korea. We also have developed effective systems to stop Chinese counterfeiters. China is reported to be the source of 80% of all counterfeit goods around the globe. We maintain special relationships including information-sharing with Chinese as well as Korean authorities to curtail these abusive practices on behalf of our clients. We often work closely with Chinese attorneys, who also have extensive experience in anti-counterfeiting, to get to the source of the problem. We also have experience and know-how in detecting counterfeit goods that are smuggled through international postal channels.

    We actively take advantage of government resources that are available to stop counterfeiters. This includes requesting government authorities to suspend imports, exports, sales or manufacture of goods, and to ban certain counterfeit goods under appropriate circumstances. Under the Korean “Fair Trade Act,” faster and stronger actions against counterfeit exporters and importers are now available through the Korea Trade Commission (KTC). We are experienced using this resource as well, when necessary to protect our clients’ interests.

    We also provide our clients with a constellation of other services to protect their marks. This includes the registration of trademarks and management of brands as well as enforcement proceedings to protect the trademarks from counterfeiters.



    • Register trademarks with the Korean Customs Services (KCS) and the China Customs Office (CCO), which efficiently prevents the import and export of counterfeits in and out of Korea and China.
    • Petition for suspension of customs clearance on suspected counterfeit goods.
    • Surveillance of internet shopping malls through active monitoring.
    • Negotiate discontinuance of counterfeiting activities and settlement of claims.
    • Shut-down abusive internet sites and/or remove counterfeit goods from websites.
    • Surveillance of marketplace and manufacturing sites.
    • Represent clients in criminal, civil and administrative actions against trademark infringers and counterfeiters and seize infringing goods.
    • File actions with the Korean Trade Commission (KTC) to suspend the import, export, sale or manufacture, or to ban landing of certain counterfeit goods.
    • Surveillance of other types of trademark infringement, e.g. protect domain names.
    • Coordinate with the Korean Prosecutor’s Office (KPO) and National Police Agency for search and seizure as well as prosecution of infringers.


    Representative Work

    • Conducted surveillance of internet sites to detect unauthorized uses of service marks involving a famous international hotel chain, and took action to stop infringers from using those marks on advertising, signage, business cards, towels, bedding and other trade items.
    • Detected unauthorized use of famous American beverage company’s trademarks on items of clothing, and negotiated resolution with manufacturer and distributor of the clothing which involved return and destruction of all articles of clothing using the trademarks, discontinuance of any further use of trademarks and payment of beverage company’s legal expense.
    • Advised famous French high-fashion design and manufacturing company on strategies for detecting and stopping the sale of counterfeit shoes resembling their products and bearing their trademarks.
    • Advised American sporting goods manufacturer on strategies for stopping the sale of genuine baseball bats that had been altered, changing the quality of the bats and potentially tarnishing the manufacturer’s brand.
    • Filed criminal complaint and coordinated with the Korean Prosecutor’s Office (KPO) and National Police Agency to raid facilities of infringers and seize infringing products.
    • Worked with clients and government authorities to detect and stop infringing activities by hundreds of product infringers, including seizing and destruction of counterfeit goods.
    • Stopped counterfeiting and illegal distribution of counterfeit consumer goods in Korea on behalf of a wide variety of famous brand companies, including Louis Vuitton, Zara, Dolce & Gabbana, Phillip Morris, S.T. Dupont, GA Modefine S.A., Audi AG, Dunlop, Casio, Xxio, Ping, Yonex, Addinol eco gear, Tonino Lamborghini, Monster Energy and Angry Birds.

    Key Contacts

    Emma (Kyoung-Joo) Park Seuk-Ki Yoon, Ph.D. Seo-Young Im