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  • Administrative Litigation

    Although government bodies are established to serve their citizens, it is not uncommon for government entities to sometimes act in ways that infringe the rights of people and companies. When the rights of citizens are infringed by administrative activities, decisive legal action often is required to remedy the situation. This may require filing administrative remedy requests, conducting an administrative trial and/or proceeding with an administrative lawsuit.

    With our team of seasoned litigation attorneys, including former trial judges, former prosecutors and experienced private practice attorneys, Lee International has the resources and experience to challenge the actions of government entities when they exceed their authority and infringe the rights of our clients. We have assisted our clients by advising and successfully representing them in many different types of administrative actions. Utilizing an encyclopedic knowledge of the law, finely honed negotiation and advocacy skills, and a creative approach to problem-solving, our attorneys have established a solid track record of success in overturning unfair and unlawful decisions and actions of government bodies for the benefit of our clients.



    • Advise clients on administrative and other laws and procedures.
    • Negotiate with government entities on behalf of clients to obtain requested action or relief from improper government decisions.
    • File administrative remedy requests and represent clients in administrative trials and administrative lawsuits.


    Representative Work

    • Represented client in a suit to prevent the government disclosure of private information related to certain agreements involving a private investment business.
    • Represented a hospital in a suit related to excessive charges for sewerage services.
    • Represented clients in suits related to government expropriation of land.
    • Advised and represented clients in suits related to government violations of the Labor Standards Act.
    • Represented clients in suits to receive government payments owed for healthcare services that were provided.
    • Represented clients in suits related to immigration.
    • Represented clients in suit for compensation related to damage to property and other losses caused by government activities.
    • Advised clients on administrative legal issues related to the operation of hospitals and clinics.
    • Advised clients on approvals and permits needed to manufacture, sell and import of medicine and medical supplies.
    • Advised and represented client in administrative suit related to college restructuring and appointment of professors.
    • Represented client in a suit related to a government suspension of a food service business.
    • Represented clients in suits involving administrative penalties assessed against teachers.
    • Represented client in an administrative action to revoke a penalty assessed against a public officer.

    Key Contacts

    Seung-Gon Jo Myung-Ho Song